ZTE Axon 20 5G hidden camera discovered by Jerry in video teardown-Techweu

We’ve already talked about the ZTE Axon 20 5G in detail, but we haven’t pryed inside the phone to literally look inside. On the other hand, that’s exactly it Jerry Rig Everything. The video decomposition is for, and today the channel uploaded exactly that for the Axon 205G.

It’s the world’s first off-the-shelf device with an under-display selfie camera that stays hidden from view and doesn’t require unsightly notches, punches, or moving parts. The Axon 20 is definitely far from a perfect phone, but it’s interesting to see that it will probably become mainstream technology in a year or two. After all, the fingerprint sensor in the display was initially just a novelty item, but now it’s everywhere, and the best is virtually perfect in both accuracy and speed.

Under-display cameras still have a long way to go in terms of quality, judging based solely on the efforts of the Axon 20, but they will probably arrive early rather than late. While you’re waiting, you can take a peek at the Axon 20’s under-display self-cam, but it doesn’t seem to be that special in itself. It’s just a small part of the display above it that makes everything work, and it can be transparent enough for the camera to “see” it. And when you watch the video to the end, you can basically see what the camera sees when that happens.

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