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Last year, Xiaomi introduced the proprietary Surge C1 ISP chip bundled with the Mi Mix Fold, and according to leaked source code, the upcoming Mix 5 Pro may use the second-generation Surge chip.

It’s unclear what kind of special features the Surge C2 will bring, and it’s even possible that the phone will ship with the current Surge C1 ISP. To be sure, the standard Mix 5 won’t get a C2.

Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro will come with new Surge C2 ISP

report from Xiaomiui The camera sensors on both Mix 5 devices are also detailed. The Pro is said to feature a 50MP OIS-enabled main camera, along with 48MP 5x telephoto and 48MP ultra-wide-angle cameras. The non-pro version will be content with a slightly narrower 48MP ultra-wide camera and 2x telephoto unit, but still 48MP. Interestingly, the Pro model is also rumored to offer a 48MP front-facing camera.

The Mix 5 series is expected to debut in the second quarter of this year, but don’t get your hopes up as it’s likely to remain a China exclusive.


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