Xiaomi Mi 11 series teased in video night mode-Techweu

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Series is Coming Soon-On December 28th, Xiaomi is promoting us with a whole new feature, Video Night Mode. Or, at least, it can be collected from texts translated by Google on Weibo.

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The post wishes us a Merry Christmas with a video of the music box in the dark. The video itself was probably shot on the Mi11, highlighting the low light video recording capabilities of the phone and hinting at a special night video mode. And all thanks for the progress in computational photography.

We’ve tested the smartphone with great low light video, but haven’t seen a dedicated night video mode, so I’m very curious what it will be. And don’t judge the quality right away-after all, this is a Weibo-compressed video. The end result will definitely look better than this.

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