Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite appears in live images with a flat-screen and triple rear camera, Here’s Specs-Techweu

Xiaomi announced the Mi11 as the world’s first Snapdragon 888-equipped smartphone in December last year and will soon follow up with Pro, Ultra, and Lite models. The last one was previously shown in some renders, but today I’m looking at a live image to support the previous leak.

The Mi 11 Lite shares a design with the vanilla model but does not have a curved display. One of the images shows that Mi 11 Lite boots on Android 11 based MIUI 12 and has 6GB of RAM.

The photo does not show which chipset is powering the Mi 11 Lite, but you can see that it has an octa-core processor with a maximum clock speed of 2.3GHz. Earlier leaks claimed that the Mi 11 Lite would have a Snapdragon 7 32G or an unannounced Snapdragon 755G SoC.

The cause of today’s leak claims that Mi 11 Lite is powered by the Snapdragon 755, has a 4,150 mAh battery, and supports 5G networks. It also supports previous rumors of a 64MP primary camera and 5x optical zoom.

I haven’t heard any words from Xiaomi about Mi 11 Lite yet, but I hope more details about it will follow soon.

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