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In a blog post on its official website, Microsoft reviewed the performance of its Windows operating system over the past two years and shared some of its achievements during this period. There are now more than 1.4 billion monthly active Windows 10 and 11 users worldwide, spending 10% more time on Windows than pre-pandemic levels.

On average, people spend 40% more time on Windows 11 PCs than they do on Windows 10 PCs, but that may not be entirely due to the power of the new operating system.

Microsoft will ship more than 340 million PCs in 2021, a 27 percent increase from 2019, Microsoft cited data from Canalys.

Microsoft says Windows 11 has been popular with PC users because the acceptance rate for free upgrades is twice that of Windows 10 and twice that of Windows 8. Microsoft also says that Windows 11 clearly has the highest quality and satisfaction scores of all Windows. Apparently, neither of the two men mentioned that Windows 11 is only available to a small percentage of Windows 10 users, while Windows 10 is available to almost every Windows 8 user.

Microsoft: Windows 11 is loved, adoption is twice as fast as Windows 10

Still, the numbers are impressive, as the transition hasn’t been very smooth. Windows 11 on AMD processors has logging issues, as well as many other bugs and performance issues. But these issues were quickly resolved and are now a thing of the past – most of them, anyway.

Microsoft says Windows 11 has led to a threefold increase in Microsoft Store traffic, but this could also be the result of new, more favorable Store policies for 2021.

Finally, Microsoft announced that Windows 11’s upgrade service is entering its final availability phase, well ahead of its initial plans for mid-2022.

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