WhatsApp gets new “view once” photos and videos feature-Techweu

Today, WhatsApp is rolling out new disappearing features for photos and videos. Users can send “View Once” photos and videos via the messaging app and they will only see them once.

WhatsApp gets new "view once" photos and videos feature-Techweu

This feature was actually tested in late June.

For example, you can send a photo of new clothes you’re trying on in a store, a quick response to a moment, or a photo of something sensitive, such as a Wi-Fi password, to ViewOnce.

The way it works is very similar to Instagram. The recipient must tap the “Photo” or “Video” button to view the image or video. Once closed, you will not be able to access the video or image.

Engadget The new feature help article warns that recipients can take screenshots and record screens while they have a View Once the photo or video open. In addition, WhatsApp does not notify the sender when an image is a screenshot or recorded. The media is sent with end-to-end encryption and will not appear on WhatsApp. However, if the content is reported, WhatsApp can display the content.

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