Waiting time for Kia Seltos and Sonet in 2021 is as long as 20 weeks

Just a few days ago Kia Announced the price of the 2021 version Kia Sellos with Sonnet Where to wear Kia’s new brand identity. The 2021 versions of these two blockbuster products have some new features, and their variant feature combinations have been revised. Kia dealers have been advised to extend the waiting period for these two models to several weeks.

  • Kia Sellos and Sonet have recently been updated
  • Variants and feature combinations have been revised
  • Some models have a waiting time of up to 20 weeks

In the 2021 Kia Sonet and Seltos series, Kia communicated a waiting time of up to 20 weeks. For certain turbo-gasoline iMT and DCT variants, the fastest delivery time of their 2021 Sonet can be expected to be 11-13 weeks. In the case of Seltos in 2021, the minimum waiting time for the HTK + 1.5-liter gasoline manual version is 16-17 weeks. The waiting time for all other variants is between 17 and 20 weeks. These waiting times may vary depending on the availability of colors and the place of purchase.

recent, When talking with our sister publicationHarpreet Singh Brar, vice president and head of sales and marketing at Kia India, said, “Currently, our product waiting time is 3-4 months. Despite the difficult period and lockdown in five states, we still need to come from other markets. There is a lot of demand, so we are working hard to provide cars to these cities.”

The lockdown and certain restrictions imposed in several states to reduce the second batch of the Covid-19 virus have already brought some logistics challenges to the entire automotive industry. As a result, manufacturing plans have become increasingly difficult.

Singh added: “We hope to increase production between June and July and start a third shift at the factory because we hope that the supply chain issues related to the pandemic can be resolved at that time.”

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