Volkswagen Multivan MPV unveiled in 2022

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Brand new Volkswagen Multivan has been unveiled, marking one of the most important transformations of the largest MPV in the company’s 71-year history.

  • Volkswagen Multivan uses an extended version of the MQB platform
  • It has new internal and external styles and a lengthy list of features
  • It offers gasoline and plug-in hybrid engine options

Volkswagen Multivan in 2022: What is it?

Volkswagen abandoned the Caravelle name to reflect the comprehensive transformation of the MPV and the fact that it no longer shares its foundation with Transporter commercial vans.It is actually an independent model now, the Transporter model with a focus on business will soon be Ford made successor, Paired with Transit.

Instead, this 7-seater car uses an extended version of the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform, which is also used by Seat Tarraco, Skoda Kodiaq and Volkswagen Tiguan. The switch paved the way for a series of landmark technology, style and ergonomic improvements, while also allowing MPVs to adopt its first ever plug-in hybrid system.

2022 Volkswagen Multivan: Design

In addition to mechanical improvements, this 7-seater car has been completely redesigned, paying tribute to the 1985 T3 generation transporter in its defining characteristics.

In a typical way, it uses a horizontally split two-tone painting, but the full-width grille and sharp LED lights distinguish it from the outgoing Caravelle.

As a standard configuration, the Multivan measures 1,941 mm wide, 4,973 mm long and 1,903 mm high, but it also offers a 5,173 mm long extended wheelbase option.For the context, in its LWB form, its dimensions are similar to Kia Carnival offers in IndiaIt is said that better aerodynamics can also increase efficiency.

Volkswagen Multivan in 2022: Interior and features

Volkswagen claims that the Multivan’s interior is more flexible and spacious than its predecessor, highlighting the new modular seating system and multifunctional table. The five rear seats can be completely removed, while the second row can be rotated to create a social seating arrangement.

Crucially, Volkswagen stated that the removal of the center console — by removing the traditional handbrake and gear selector — flattened the floor of the entire cabin, providing 469 liters of luggage space for the basic version, which was expanded to 1,844 liters remove the last seat.

The driver’s area has also been completely revised to bring the Multivan closer to Volkswagen’s latest cars. The new multifunction steering wheel, 10.25-inch digital instrument display and 10-inch infotainment touch screen are standard, while optional upgrades include a head-up display and wireless smartphone charger.

It also includes a series of advanced safety features, including road sign recognition, lane keeping assist and automatic emergency braking. It is also equipped with the new IQ.Drive system, which uses adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist functions.

2022 Volkswagen Multivan: Engine

The Multivan eHybrid PHEV pairs a 150-horsepower, 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with a 116-horsepower electric motor on the front axle for a total output of 218 horsepower, while the 13-kilowatt-hour battery under the floor allows electric driving only during “short city trips” – Volkswagen recommends that the maximum cruising range of electric vehicles is about 50 kilometers.

It also offers 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engines, as well as a 204-horsepower diesel engine that will be added next year.

Although PHEV has its own 6-speed dual-clutch (DSG) transmission, traditional gasoline models use the familiar 8-speed device.

Volkswagen India Project

Although the German car manufacturer is extremely unlikely to bring this MPV to our market, it is preparing to launch a brand new Taijun Medium SUV in India.Volkswagen is also developing Replaces Vento sedan based on Virtus Will arrive in 2022.

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