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Upgrading to LED headlamps witout a projector set up is not advisable. Instead, there are other ways to go about it.

Published On Oct 30, 2022 09:00:00 AM

Halogen vs LED headlamps

I own a 2015 Ford EcoSport, which comes with halogen headlamps. Is it advisable to upgrade it to LEDs?

Manish, Mumbai

It is not advisable to retrofit LED bulbs in a headlamp that is devoid of a projector set-up as most of the light output would get scattered. If you wish to upgrade to LED lamps in your EcoSport, we would suggest replacing the front halogen fog lamps with aftermarket LED fog lights. Or better still, installing projector fog light units and equipping them with HID bulbs for much better visibility and beam throw.

You could opt for iPH projector lenses, and 55W 6,000K HID bulbs from iPH or Excellite. While you would get a white-light output from this set-up, it should cost you in the range of Rs 7,000-8,000. You would also lose out on visibility during foggy conditions.

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