Toll booth waiting time guidelines update

Rishabh Bhaskar

Due to the new guidelines issued by the National Highway Administration of India or NHAI, the frustratingly long waiting time at the national highway toll station may be a thing of the past.

  • Waiting time does not exceed 10 seconds
  • New guidelines to ensure smooth and efficient traffic
  • FASTag’s penetration rate in NHAI toll booths has reached 96%

What is the new NHAI guideline?

NHAI has issued a new guide on the waiting time of the toll gates of the country’s entire national road network. It pointed out that even during peak hours, toll station operators should ensure that the service time of each vehicle does not exceed 10 seconds. The new guidelines promise to ensure smooth traffic at these toll centers, thereby saving valuable time for commuters.

In addition to issuing the above guidelines, NHAI also instructed toll stations to draw a yellow line 100 meters from each lane of the toll station. This will serve as a threshold point. If the vehicle queue exceeds 100 meters, the vehicles in front can pass without paying tolls until the queue enters below the yellow line.

What are the benefits of NHAI’s new guidelines?

NHAI said that in addition to the obvious advantages of reducing waiting time, the new guidelines will further instill a sense of responsibility for operators.

In addition, NHAI also stated that more and more people are considering FASTag as a way to pay tolls. In fact, the overall penetration rate of FASTag in NHAI toll plazas has reached 96%, while at some toll stations it is as high as 99%.

In order to adopt the electronic toll collection system (ETC) nationwide, NHAI is also committed to developing a toll plaza with a new design that will effectively handle the estimated traffic volume in the next 10 years.

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