The Toyota Belta, headquartered in Maruti Ciaz, will be launched in India in the coming months

Shapur Kotwal

Toyota cars Has stopped production Yaris car. Although the dealer stated that the company still has inventory of the car and will continue to sell it in the next few months, the focus will soon shift to the larger and more value-for-money Toyota Berta.Nothing else Maruti Ciaz, Toyota Belta (Toyota Belta) is expected to land in the showroom in mid-August. Like other Maruti-based Toyotas, it should be a strong seller of the company.

  • Production of Toyota Yaris has ceased
  • Toyota will start selling the relabeled Maruti Ciaz or Belta
  • Toyota Bell Tower will sell 1.5-liter gasoline engine in India

Why Toyota Yaris discontinued production

First of all, the slow-selling Yaris will never be a real competitor Honda City, Hyundai Wiener Or the value for money Maruti Ciaz. It is more compact and not so well equipped. It has never really aroused the imagination of the public to buy a car. Therefore, this is always difficult to do. Then Toyota incorrectly price. As a result, sales are not ideal, and it is often difficult for Yaris to get rid of 3 numbers.

Another reason why Yaris stopped production was to make room for Maruti and Toyota’s D22 or Creta fighters. Both companies are pinning their hopes on SUVs. The two companies may also produce other Toyota-based products at Toyota’s Yaris Plant 2.

Why did Toyota choose the Belda name

Toyota uses many names in compact cars and hatchbacks around the world. There is a Yaris, a familiar name; the same car is also called Vios, and then it is called Belta in other markets such as Japan, China and Malaysia. Toyota says the name is inspired by the Latin word “Belle” or “beautiful”, and the Australian word “Belta” also means a real biscuit. For example: “That lens is a belt”. It is also easy for Toyota to use names that have been registered worldwide. Like the City Cruiser, this is a name that already belongs to Toyota, and according to insiders, this makes the whole process easier.

Toyota Bell Tower: What to expect

It is obvious that there is no real difference between the Maruti Ciaz and Toyota versions. Toyota will have the same 105 hp, 1.5-liter K-series gasoline engine, the same mild hybrid system, and even a 4-speed automatic transmission. Belta will not only be sold in India, but will also be exported to overseas markets such as South Africa.

versus Granza with City cruiser, You can expect Toyota to provide a stronger warranty package. The Belta variants and prices will be slightly different, and since Toyota dealers are less enthusiastic, you can expect the overall experience to be smoother.

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