The all-new Lexus LX is expected to debut later this year

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With the new generation Toyota Land Cruiser Now selling on the international market, it is only a matter of time before the sister company Lexus launches the new LX. Now, the Japanese luxury car manufacturer seems to have teased its upcoming flagship product in the recent world premiere of the new NX SUV.

  • New Lexus LX and Land Cruiser share twin-turbocharged V6 engine
  • Hybrid models are also expected to arrive
  • The new LX may get a new top-of-the-line LX600 variant and VIP decoration

recently Unveil the new NXLexus said that the brand plans to launch 20 new models in the next five years, two of which will start with this year’s NX. While announcing this news, the automaker also showed a number of covered models in addition to the new NX, one of which is particularly likely to be the new LX.

Although it is difficult to judge whether the covered car is a real next-generation model or just a current SUV, the new LX is likely to be the next major display of the brand.

New Lexus LX: What we know

The report shows that Lexus may open pre-orders for the new LX in its Japanese home market before September this year, which really proves its debut later this year.

Although little is known about the styling of the large Lexus, one can expect the design influence of other new cars that the brand has recently shown, while retaining the boxy and upright proportions of the new Land Cruiser. The new LX will be located on the same ladder frame platform (GA-F) as the new 300 series Land Cruiser, and one can expect that most of the technology of the new Land Cruiser will also be inherited.

The details of the cabin are still very few, although one can expect Lexus to upgrade the cabin of the LX to the LC 300 in order to obtain a higher-end look and feel to meet the brand’s higher-end positioning. The leaked details also talked about a new VIP model, which may point to a more luxurious fully loaded model, which may be consistent with the executive kit provided by the flagship LS sedan on some markets, which adds an electric adjustable rear row The seat and other kits have functions such as memory, massage function and folding ottoman.

New Lexus LX: engine details

Turning to the engine, the new LX is expected to inherit the twin-turbocharged V6 gasoline and diesel engine of the new LC300. The details of the variant show that in addition to the LX570, there are discussions about the new gasoline LX600 and the hybrid LX750h. Taking into account the higher output data of the twin turbocharger, the diesel LX may be relabeled LX500d. All versions are expected to be equipped with four-wheel drive as standard.

Lexus India lineup

Shifting its focus to the Indian market, Lexus currently offers six models in India, including its flagship, the current LX SUV, and the LS luxury sedan — Lexus has launched one The model was updated earlier this year -And the LC coupe. The entry-level NX SUV, ES sedan and long-wheelbase RX SUV are also sold in the Indian market.

One can expect Lexus to replace India’s current LX with a brand new model after its international debut.

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