Tesla Model 3 is comparable to BMW i4, with up to 544 horsepower

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This BMW i4 unveiled in mass production Earlier this year, the German brand now detailed its technical specifications, promising that the M logo version can reach up to 544 horsepower, and the entry-level version has a maximum cruising range of 590 kilometers.

  • BMW i4 launches 340hp eDrive40 and 544hp M50 versions
  • Obtained 80.7kWh (net capacity) battery pack
  • The range is fixed at 510-590 km, depending on the variant

BMW i4 powertrain

The all-electric BMW i4 will initially provide rear-drive 340 horsepower eDrive40 and 544 horsepower M50 xDrive.

The front axle of the M50 uses a 258hp motor, and the rear axle uses a 313hp motor. The combined torque is 795Nm, while the eDrive40 is 430Nm.

M50 also has a unique Sport Boost function, which can be used to release full power output for about 10 seconds when driving in sport mode. After activating this function, M50 can complete 0-100kph in 3.9 seconds. eDrive40 can complete the same sprint in 5.7 seconds.

BMW i4 series

i4 stores its reserves in a floor-standing lithium-ion battery pack with a total (total) energy capacity of 83.9 kWh and a net (usable) capacity of 80.7 kWh. It is said that the power density of the battery is 30% higher than that of batteries used today. i3 hatchback.

It can be charged at a rate of up to 200 kW and can add 164 kilometers of cruising range to eDrive40 and 140 kilometers of electrical energy for M50 in just 10 minutes. More importantly, the adjustable regenerative braking can charge the battery at rates up to 195kW M50 and 116kW eDrive40.

The RWD version can provide 590 kilometers of WLTP range on a single charge, while the more powerful AWD version can provide 510 kilometers of range.

BMW i4 chassis

Based on specially adapted version 3 series‘CLAR architecture, the goal of i4 is Polaris 2 with Tesla Model 3, But in the top-spec M50 form, it is touted to provide performance comparable to similar products Porsche Taikang with Audi E-tron GT.

The i4 is 4,783 mm in length, 1,852 mm in width, and 1,448 mm in height. It is similar in size to the 3 series, and Frank Weber, the head of development, emphasized that this is essential to its appeal.

He explained, “There will be 3 series customers, but the i4 is also very attractive because of its loading capacity and internal space, which will also attract potential 5 series Customer-someone who is looking for a sports car. We chose the exact space of i4 for good reasons. “

Both i4 models are equipped with lift-related suspension shock absorbers and rear air springs, while the M50 performance-oriented chassis is equipped with adaptive shock absorbers, anti-roll bars and a variable ratio sports steering system.

In order to further distinguish the M50 from the eDrive40, it has obtained a performance-inspired design clue similar to the BMW ICE sports car. Additional front air intakes and contrasting decorations, coupled with a subtle rear spoiler, create a more aggressive posture, while the rear view mirrors, rear apron, door sills and rear bumper are bright black.

BMW i4 cab

Internally, i4 aims to provide a “rich driving experience.” There is an independent 12.3-inch infotainment screen, running BMW’s eighth-generation iDrive system, plus a 14.9-inch curved digital dial display, standard sports seats and blue decorations throughout the car, in order to promote the car’s electric foundation pay tribute. Three-zone automatic climate control is standard, and ventilated seats can be selected for both rows.

BMW i4 India plan

The BMW i4 will be launched on the international market at the end of this year. However, the automaker has not officially announced that it will bring this all-electric car to India in the short term.

BMW currently does not have an all-electric product in its Indian product portfolio, although the company does sell plug-in hybrid models 7 series Appears in the form of 745Le xDrive.

This car manufacturer launched 3 Series Limousine, Seasoned M340i, A Gasoline version of 2 Series Gran Coupe with Facelifted 6 Series GT In our market this year. Depending on the development of the COVID crisis, BMW India Expected debut 5 series facelift, Update X3 with X4,as well as M3 and M4 In the next few months.

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