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Telegram ended the year with a loud noise. The latest update brings a series of new features to Android and iOS. Reactions are now part of the app-if you have used Facebook Messenger before, you will know how these work. The difference is that in Telegram, you press and hold the reaction emoji selector on iOS, and then tap once on Android. On these two platforms, double-clicking on a message will give a quick thumbs-up response.

You can change the default double-click response to something else in “Settings”. Reactions in private chats are always on, while in groups and channels, it’s up to the administrator to decide whether to turn on (and select the available reaction emojis).

Telegram added reactions, spoilers and message translation

The new spoiler format allows you to hide spoilers. You only need to select the spoiler in the message and mark it as such. This will be hidden in chat messages, chat lists, and notifications. To view the hidden content, just tap the spoiler to reveal its text.

When selecting a message, you can add a new dedicated translation button in the context menu, which is available for all Android devices and iOS 15+ on Apple devices. The list of available languages ​​depends on your phone’s software.

You can set the theme of the QR code for your (or others) profile by choosing colors and patterns. There is also a redesigned context menu with animated icons on macOS.

Finally, some emojis can use new interactive versions-such as snowflakes. Sending this will make it snow on the screen. There are others. These are only available in one-on-one chats. Check the sources linked below for a complete list.


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