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Tecno introduced sensor-shift IS technology for smartphone cameras back in mid-December, and is now announcing a telescopic macro lens that promises to significantly improve the quality of macro shots, as well as the overall shooting experience.

Tecno introduces the world's first telescopic macro lens for smartphones

It’s a telephoto macro lens that sticks out of the body, as shown in the video below, allowing you to take close-up shots without getting too close to your subject. The company claims that it offers 5x optical zoom and the end result is comparable to the main camera. This is something we’ve never seen in current macro cameras. The technology also allows for a wider aperture, which is essential for taking good photos.

Additionally, Tecno says the design is very compact and doesn’t require a large case, but fails to provide specifics.

The company didn’t say exactly when we should expect a Tecno smartphone with the new retractable lens, but that’s for sure, that’s for sure.

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