Tata Power will set up electric vehicle charging stations on HPCL fuel pumps

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India’s largest integrated power company, Tata Power, has signed an agreement with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) to provide end-to-end electric vehicle charging stations in HPCL retail stores (gasoline pumps) in multiple cities and major highways across the country.

  • Tata Power currently has more than 500 electric vehicle charger networks in more than 100 cities in India

  • Hindustan Petroleum currently has more than 18,000 retail stores

According to the agreement, Tata Power will provide electric vehicle users with the most advanced electric vehicle charging infrastructure on HPCL pumps, who can now travel between cities and intercity without any mileage anxiety. Charging is achieved through the Tata Power EZ charging mobile platform, which aims to provide car owners with a seamless experience.

Tata Power currently has a huge network of more than 500 public chargers in more than 100 cities, covering fuel pumps, subway stations, shopping centers, theaters and highways. The company exists in all parts of the EV ecosystem-public charging, exclusive charging, home, workplace charging, and ultra-fast chargers for buses.

Sandeep Bangia, Head of Electric Vehicle Charging at Tata Power, said: “This strategic cooperation allows us to reach a huge HPCL retail base, especially in cities and along major highways. This move will greatly benefit electric vehicle users because it It will not only provide them with convenient charging points, but also eliminate their mileage anxiety, leading to wider adoption of electric vehicles in the country.”

Sai Kumar Suri, Executive Director of HPCL Retail, said: “HPCL, as a major player in the energy sector, is committed to providing our customers with sustainable energy solutions. HPCL has a huge network of more than 18,000 retail outlets, as well as charging for electric vehicles. Tata Power, with strong influence and expertise in the field, has brought a unique strategic partnership to create a pan-Indian charging ecosystem with end-to-end solutions.”

The development and availability of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is a key requirement for the rapid adoption of electric vehicles in India. The Tata Power-HPCL partnership will play an important role in encouraging electric vehicle owners to charge electric vehicles at various gas stations.

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