Tata Nexon EV will get a more powerful electric motor in 2021

Nishmanya Bahadur

this Tata Nexans electric car It is currently the highest-selling electric vehicle (EV) in our market.Given its popularity, Tata gave it back Dark version Deal with it recently and keep it fresh. Now, the Indian automaker will launch a more powerful all-electric compact SUV.

  • Nexon EV power increased to 136 horsepower
  • Will be equipped with the same 30.2kWh battery pack
  • XM, XZ+ and XZ+ LUX interiors will gain power

New Tata Nexon EV: What do we know?

A leaked traffic department notice revealed that a Tata Nexon EV with a power of 100kW (136hp) is under development. This will be an increase of 7 horsepower over the current Nexon EV, which produces 129 horsepower and 245 Nm. Despite the increase in power, the battery size indicated on the circle-30.2kWh, is the same as the unit available in the current model. This may mean that the ARAI-certified single-charge cruising range is 312 kilometers, and the 1-hour charging time for 80% charging with a DC fast charger should also remain the same.

The document also revealed that this higher output version of Nexon EV will be available in all three decorations-XM, XZ+ and XZ+ LUX. Given that its relative affordability (compared to other electric SUVs) is one of its biggest attractions, we will have to wait and see if this update will be accompanied by a substantial price increase.

Future plans for Tata electric vehicles

Except for Nexon, Tata has Showed the new Tigor EV It will be launched on our market on August 31, 2021. Unlike the previous Tigor EV, the new electric vehicle uses Tata’s Ziptron high-voltage 300V+ architecture, which is designed to cater to private buyers. Its electric motor will produce 75hp and 170Nm peak torque, and the battery and electric motor will receive an 8-year/1,60,000 km warranty.

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