Tata Nexon EV 2021 real world testing and interpretation

Saumil Shah

Tata’s all-electric, remote Nexon EV Due to its clever packaging, value proposition and its fluffy electric motor, it has the largest share of the electric vehicle market in India.Recently, this Tata EV was swallowed Controversial due to its nominal range of 312 kilometers, So we must test it in the real world to find out the distance that can actually be covered after a charge.

  • The torque is 150Nm under normal conditions, and 245Nm under sports mode
  • Regenerative intensity cannot be adjusted
  • 1,400 kg

What is the true range of Tata Nexon EV?

It is a well-known fact that electric vehicles are more efficient in cities without stopping, because the batteries of electric vehicles can recover more energy when decelerating than when driving at a constant speed on a constant road. Therefore, the Nexon EV is more efficient in the city, with a theoretical range of 216 kilometers, and it is not surprising that it can travel 201 kilometers on a single charge on the highway. Why are these theoretical numbers? continue reading.

Nexon EV’s driving range analysis

Nexon EV’s 30.2kWh battery did not continue to consume. For example, it will not regenerate charge between 100% and 95%, so the depletion rate will be the fastest in this range. Once the power drops to 15%, the torque generated by the electric motor will be limited, and the climate control system will be closed to expand the range, so the battery consumption rate will be the slowest. And unlike MG ZS EV or Hyundai Kona Electric, it cannot adjust the regeneration intensity, which may help to pull it away from the battery a long distance, especially in urban conditions. Interestingly, in D mode, the motor only transmits 150Nm of torque, while in Sport mode, it transmits 245Nm of torque, which will also affect power consumption. Our test is only conducted in D mode.

Range test for cars in India

Before conducting the actual range test, we will fully charge the battery of the test car and maintain the tire pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. These cars drive in fixed city and highway loops, and we maintain a certain average speed. In order to check for any abnormal changes, we always have a reference car driving, and we have tested this car in the past. Regular driver exchanges further offset the changes in driver mode. At the end of each cycle, we calculate the range based on the percentage of electricity consumed. Throughout our testing process, there was only one person in each car, running air conditioners and other electrical equipment, such as audio systems, indicators, and wipers when needed, just like ordinary users. We are proud of our test data, which is not only consistent, but also can accurately explain to users their expectations in the real world.

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