Tata Motors, SUV will receive Indian voice assistant developed by Mihup

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Tata Indian cars and SUVs will soon receive Indian vernacular voice assistants, which are jointly developed by Kolkata-based startup Mihup Communication and Harman International. The partnership aims to enhance the user experience of Tata Motors and SUVs and bridge the gap between native English-speaking users and provide opportunities for innovation.

  • Tata’s voice assistant now has support for “English” input
  • “Thai” and “English” language support will be added soon
  • Currently available on specific trims of Altroz ​​and Nexon

Mihup’s changes to the Tata voice assistant

According to our sister publication, Automobile MajorMihup said that although Tata Motors’ cars and SUVs are equipped with on-board voice assistants, the dictionary has limited functions, lacks local languages, and does not have support for Indian dialects. The automaker hopes to use an embedded solution to enable the driver to have hands-free hands-free experience, make it available to the public, and decouple the identity of the voice assistant from luxury products.

The start-up said its solution is called “AVA Auto”, which addresses all the improvement opportunities unique to the early voice assistants of automakers. Among other functions, it also provides online, offline and hybrid connection options. The solution supports English (Indic + English) languages. The system responds based on user voice commands without manual switching. The company’s goal is to introduce AVA support for Tamilish and Benglish in the near future, and plans to cover all major Indian languages ​​by 2022.

According to the company, the voice adoption rate of cross-vehicle platforms has been rising, and it is estimated that 8 billion voice assistants will be used by 2023. By 2022, it is estimated that about 95% of customers will use car voice assistants. Compared with smart speakers, the monthly usage of in-vehicle voice assistants is 60% higher, but the existing solutions cannot meet the needs of end customers for ease of use.

Tata voice assistant: what to offer now

After evaluating multiple use cases and languages, the product will soon be put into use on Tata cars and SUVs.Offline (Voice AI is at the edge) model has been deployed in Tata Altroz Premium hatchback and Tata Nexon Compact SUV. AVA allows the driver to obtain fully hands-free voice-based control to achieve important car functions and controls-AC, volume, AM/FM and music systems, etc. It provides natural language support for making calls and playing music via USB, and supports navigation commands and vehicle information.

Tata Motors is about to launch an upcoming SUV in 2021

Launched three rows Tata Wildlife Park Earlier this year, Tata Motors will launch its first mini SUV later this year.Currently, this new model is known by its internal code name HBX It will be located below the Nexon in the brand’s SUV series.

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