Suzuki Swift is rated as 0-star safety rating by Latin NCAP

Soham Thakur

The Latin America and the Caribbean New Car Assessment Program (Latin NCAP) conducted crash tests on the Suzuki Swift made in India. The hatchback received disappointing sporadic scores in crash tests.

  • Received 6.21 points (15.53%) in the protection of adult occupants
  • Poor side impact protection and lack of side airbags are behind the results
  • The head and neck of the driver and passengers are well protected

Suzuki Swift Latin NCAP crash test results: details

The Swift, which was crash-tested by Latin NCAP, is equipped with two airbags. According to the Latin NCAP, the results are valid for both hatchbacks and cars (Dzire).

In the crash test, Swift achieved 15.53% (6.21 points) adult occupant protection, 0% (0 points) child occupant protection, 66.07% (31.71 points) pedestrian and vulnerable road users protection, and 6.98% (3 points) ) For its safety auxiliary system.

The Latin NCAP says that the 0-star result is due to poor side impact protection, low whiplash scores, lack of standard side protection airbags, lack of ESC, and the use of a belt in the rear center seat instead of a three-point unit, because Suzuki CRS (Child Restraint System) is not recommended.

The Latin NCAP further states that although the head and neck of the driver and passengers are well protected, the protection of the driver’s chest area is weak. In addition, the knees of the driver and a passenger only show edge protection, as they may affect the structure behind the dashboard. At the same time, the knee of another passenger showed good protection.

For side collisions, the head and pelvis were well protected, and the abdomen was adequately protected, but the chest was poorly protected, resulting in a zero score in this test. In general, due to asymmetry, the body shell was rated as unstable on the edge, and Swift was determined to be unable to withstand more loads.

Global NCAP and Latin NCAP collision test results

Interestingly, although this generation of Swift scored zero in the Latin NCAP test, similar contemporary models also Passed the Global NCAP test in 2018 and received 2 stars Safety rating. The difference in these results is mainly due to the different test protocols of Global NCAP and Latin NCAP.

In the Global NCAP test, the car only undergoes a front-offset crash test. In this test, the car is traveling at 64kph and has a 40% overlap into a deformable obstacle, which is equivalent to a collision between two cars of the same weight, both of which are traveling at 50kph.

As for Latin NCAP, in addition to the frontal offset crash test, the vehicle has also undergone more comprehensive tests, such as side crash tests on movable and deformable obstacles, and side rod crash tests. As mentioned earlier, it was in the side impact test that Swift scored zero. This may be the main reason for the difference in safety ratings between global NCAP and Latin NCAP. However, it is also possible that the cars tested by the two authoritative organizations have some slight differences in specifications and manufacturing quality, which may affect the results.

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