Suzuki and Daihatsu join Toyota’s electric commercial vehicle joint venture

Saptarshi Mondal

Earlier this year, Toyota Motor Corporation along with Isuzu Motors Hino Motors established the Commercial Electric Vehicle Alliance in Japan. Now, Suzuki Motor Corporation and Daihatsu have also joined the Japanese alliance, expanding its focus from trucks to small cars.

  • Suzuki and Daihatsu will each acquire a 10% stake in the alliance
  • Isuzu and Hino each hold 10% of the shares, and Toyota holds 60% of the shares
  • The scope of the alliance will now expand from trucks to small commercial vehicles

Commercial Japan Cooperative Technology Corporation-What is it?

In early April of this year, Toyota, Isuzu, and Hino formed the Japan Business Partnership (CJP) commercial vehicle project, which aims to gain a competitive advantage in the field of connected commercial vehicles. It combines the strong commercial business foundations of Isuzu and Hino with Toyota’s CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) technology to achieve the greater goal of carbon neutrality for commercial vehicles in Japan.

The addition of Suzuki and Daihatsu will be the key to expanding the business scope from trucks to small light commercial vehicles. Suzuki and Daihatsu are good at mini cars or “Kei” cars that account for nearly 40% of all vehicles in Japan. Mini-commercial vehicles are especially the lifeline of rural areas because they can cover where they can reach, because of their size and support last-mile logistics.

The joining of Suzuki and Daihatsu strengthens the partnership because it will take advantage of their high-quality, low-cost manufacturing. It will also promote safety and electrification in the field of micro-commercial vehicles. Currently, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Isuzu, and Hino each own 10% of the shares in the alliance, and are led by Toyota, which owns 60% of the shares.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda said: “As Suzuki and Daihatsu join the project and work together, we will be able to expand our scope of cooperation to include not only commercial vehicles but also mini vehicles.” He further added: “Through this expansion , I believe we will be able to get closer to a better mobile society.”

Toyota and Suzuki collaborate in India

Toyota and Suzuki’s partnership in India has launched two rebranded models- Toyota Gransa (Re-label Maruti Bene Road) and Toyota City Cruiser (Re-label Maruti Vitala Breza).The alliance will also see Maruti Suzuki supply Chaz and Ertiga Provide Toyota with more re-labeled models that are in preparation.

The two Japanese automakers will also vigorously promote hybrid electric vehicles in the country, and Toyota will supply hybrid systems to Suzuki.In addition, Toyota and Suzuki will cooperate to develop New mid-size SUV Based on the common platform of the two brands, the competition and Hyundai Creta and Kia Sertos.

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