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Spotify is great, but let’s face it. For a long time, there were no meaningful design changes to the library. Fortunately, the new design is all about functionality and ease of navigation.[ライブラリ]The tabs have been completely revamped to allow you to quickly navigate your collection of playlists, artists, albums, and more.

The first thing you’ll notice is the preset filters for playlists, artists, albums, podcasts, and shows. They are very convenient and have been postponed for a long time. There is also a new toggle to switch between list view and grid view. For example, if you’re streaming music by car, the latter is a great alternative. Larger album art is useful for navigation.

Another option is to sort the libraries by recently played, recently added, alphabetical, or author name. Finally, you have the option to pin your favorite playlist so that it always appears at the top regardless of the sort.

This update has already been released to some, if not most, users and should reach all users by the end of this week.


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