Skoda uses group data to warn drivers of slippery road conditions

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Skoda Auto An intelligent service based on swarm data has been developed to warn drivers of driving on slippery roads. The “Local Hazard Information Service” of the Czech car manufacturer provides drivers with detailed information about current road conditions.

  • Skoda collects anonymous data from ABS and ESP sensors in vehicles
  • Additional data (such as weather information) helps to assess road conditions
  • An alarm can be issued through the vehicle’s infotainment system to warn the driver

How does Skoda’s new tool work?

The information needed for Skoda’s new tool is collected from its car during the journey. The accelerometer or ABS sensor in the vehicle continuously captures the required data. The integrated software also uses virtual sensors. This technology can estimate the coefficient of friction between the tire and the road surface based on wheel slip. Sensor data is anonymized and transmitted to the cloud.

It then combines aggregated information from all vehicles with metadata, such as weather information or previously measured information. Then use the collected data to display the road network as a three-dimensional model. When a Skoda vehicle is approaching or has found itself in an area with poor roads (for example, in icy conditions), this function can send an alert to the Skoda vehicle through its infotainment system.

Since the service is based on swarm data intelligence, the accuracy of predictions will increase with the number of connected vehicles and the data that the system can use for analysis.

Sebastian Lasek, head of ŠKODA’s automotive product line connection department, commented on the technology: “The system uses the car’s sensors to detect challenging road conditions in advance. To this end, the “local hazard information service” improves the initiative of drivers and passengers. safety.”

Which Skoda models will the new service provide?

In the course of 2021, more than 1.7 million Volkswagen Group Vehicles in Europe will provide data. By the end of 2022, this number will rise to more than 3 million vehicles.Can provide “local hazard information service” abroad Enjak, New Fabia, Camig, Carroc, Kodiak, Octavia, Scala with superb It is also part of the Skoda Connect service. The service is available in 30 countries/regions, provided that the vehicle has an “Amundsen” or “Columbus” infotainment system.

In India, Superb is equipped with the “Amundsen” infotainment system, but Skoda has not officially announced the introduction of its new service to our market.

This Skoda Kushaq plans to launch in India next month, Will be provided with the company’s new products “Play” infotainment system Equipped with a 10.1-inch touch screen. Kushaq, powered by 1.0-liter and 1.5-liter engine options, will use Hyundai Creta, Kia Selfos and the upcoming Volkswagen Taigun.

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