Skoda Kushaq released next month; road test completed

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Skoda announced that it has completed its upcoming road test Kusak SUV On the soil of India.So far, the brand’s most important product to India will be Enter the showroom in the next few weeks.

  • Skoda said that Kushaq has tested nearly 1.7 million kilometers in India
  • Octavia will launch in India after announcing the price
  • Expected to be equipped with two engine options and three variants

Skoda Kushaq: India’s road test details revealed

Skoda It is announced that a road test of Kushaq has been carried out in nearly 1.7 million kilometers across the country. The brand stated that driving and laboratory testing are not only important in development, but also important for subsequent certification of new models. Skoda also revealed that the upcoming Kushaq SUV will be tested at different temperatures and regions, such as the deserts of Rajasthan, the high-altitude areas of the Himalayas or Nilgiri Mountains, and the traffic conditions in the most populous cities in India.We also found Kusak’s Last Words Many times in Mumbai and the suburbs.

Skoda said that Kushaq’s design took into account various scenarios that will be used, including dirt roads and roads filled with water during the monsoon. On this basis, specific changes were made to Kushaq, such as moving the position of the horn from behind the radiator grille to behind the front bumper. In terms of mechanics, Skoda has taken into consideration the driving habits of many Indian drivers. They don’t like frequent shifts, and often start from the low speed of the second gear, and have conducted long-term stress tests on Kushaq’s clutch. heavy traffic.

Skoda said that Kushaq’s interior was designed with the tastes of Indian customers in mind, while the SUV reserved a dedicated space on the dashboard to place the amulet; Visual input concept It was exhibited at the Auto Expo last year. In addition, taking into account the comfort of the second-row middle-seat passengers, the Kushaq transmission tunnel has been kept as low as possible.

The new central development workshop is responsible for the testing of Kushaq in India

The Volkswagen Group’s newly-built central development workshop and technical center in Pune helped Kushaq conduct electrical and acoustic characteristics testing, as well as other field test preparations.

Once back to the base, the center will collect all evaluation data from the test vehicle. Here, technicians can also use the so-called “breadboard”, which can connect and test electrical equipment outside the car.The test center can be used for all Volkswagen Group India 2.0 vehicles, including the upcoming Tai Chi SUV And a car from Volkswagen and Skoda respectively.

Skoda Kushaq SUV: What else is known

Kushaq’s price announcement is expected to be made after Octavia’s market launch. Kushaq will be sold in India, with two engine options, and is expected to have three variants. Kushaq’s main competitors will include Sellos, Creta, Kicks and the upcoming Volkswagen Taigun.Read us on Skoda Kushaq prototype is here.

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