Samsung Galaxy S22 with 50MP RGBW sensor tipped-Techweu

Samsung has been working on the 200MP sensor for quite some time, and we expect the new ISOCELL to be the first hit on the Xiaomi Mi 12 smartphone. The latest leak suggests that the Korean giant is also planning to introduce a 50 MP sensor with an RGBW sensor, which will be installed in the Galaxy S22 smartphone.

If you can trust Leak Star, both sensors will be introduced in September. Ice universe, Usually someone who is familiar with such information.

While standard RGB chips consist of sensors that read red, green, and blue light and mix them into the appropriate colors, RGBW has white LEDs that support pure white light. Theoretically, highlighting should be improved in high contrast scenes.

The Huawei P8 was one of the first phones to introduce such an array, so we already know how it actually works. In 2015, the shots became crisp and crisp. Of course, this was a single 13 MP camera, far from the processing power of the latest flagships. Therefore, the new 50 MP RGB W sensor should produce stunning photos with low noise even in the dark.


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