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Judging by the poll results last week, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is off to a bad start. Most people either already have a phone they’re happy with or have turned their attention to the Galaxy S22 series, which will be available in about a month.

If anything, the poll underscored the excitement for the new flagship, as more than 40 percent of voters said they would wait for the S22 phone. Last time we heard, the vanilla Galaxy S22 will be priced the same as its predecessor, or just €100 more than the S21 FE. But that’s the February conversation.

For now, the new Fan Edition costs less than the 2021 S phone, the vanilla Galaxy S21, and the Plus model costs about the same as the FE. And for a “fan edition” phone, this one does piss off a lot of fans for removing the card slot (the missing 3.5mm headphone jack is enough of a problem).

Weekly poll results: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE came too late

Not that price comparisons with the S21 series are particularly relevant—if you want one, you probably already have one (especially after Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Amazon Prime Day, etc.). Or you might as well wait until the S22 series arrives, which will lead to a drop in the price of the S21.

One thing the FE does is the chipset — most people interested in the Galaxy S21 FE want the Snapdragon version, so that’s one of the strengths of the S21 model. At least in some areas.But now that small advantage doesn’t seem to be enough to propel this phone to success

Maybe the Galaxy S21 FE isn’t off to a bad start, it’s just a slow start. It was expensive when it first launched, but it could become a popular model if the price drops and maybe offers some freebies. The hardware is good, the software is good too, it’s just cheap.

Weekly poll results: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE came too late

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