Rimac officially establishes a partnership with Bugatti

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Bugatti and Remark have confirmed their Long-simmering partnershipThe two supercar brands have joined forces to form a new company called Bugatti Rimac LLC. This new joint venture combines Rimac’s expertise in high-output electric drivetrains with Bugatti’s rich history and expertise in the supercar business.

  • Bugatti Rimac LLC is owned 45% by Porsche and 55% by Rimac Group
  • The two companies will become independent entities headquartered in Croatia from 2023
  • Bugatti’s long-standing W16 gasoline engine can be replaced by Rimac’s high-output electric power system

The newly established Bugatti Rimac LLC is 45% owned by Porsche, and the newly established Rimac Group owns 55% of the shares. Among them, Rimac founder Mate Rimac (who will serve as CEO) retains 37% of the shares and Porsche holds 24%. The shares, Hyundai Motor Group accounted for 12%, and other investors accounted for the remaining 27%. Porsche Chairman Oliver Blume and Vice Chairman Lutz Meschke will both serve as members of the supervisory board of the new joint venture.

Rimac’s powertrain, battery and component development departments will be split into a new, dedicated Rimac technology department, which is part of the Rimac Group but remains independent and will continue to cooperate with other manufacturers.

Bugatti and Rimac will maintain independent brands and retain their existing French and Croatian production facilities. However, from 2023, the newly formed company will be located in the new Rimac campus on the outskirts of Zagreb, which will employ 2,500 employees. Since its inception, the company has approximately 430 employees: approximately 300 employees in Zagreb and approximately 130 employees in Morsheim.

Naturally, this partnership will have a significant impact on the future models of the two companies. First, Bugatti can now use Rimac’s high-output electric drivetrain technology, which may become a potential replacement for Bugatti’s famous and long-established W16 gasoline engine in the next few years. Currently, the company will continue to manufacture and sell its Chiron supercars. After the upcoming launch of its Nevera flagship product, Rimac will continue to build and develop its own models.

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