Retro-style Ssangyong X200 preview sketch

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Mahindra’s Ssangyong released a design sketch for another next-generation SUV. The new SUV codenamed X200 carries the brand’s new design concepts and concepts.

  • The X200 design sketch previews a boxy vertical retro-style SUV
  • Ssangyong’s second retro-style model previewed in 2021
  • Automakers accelerate product development to attract potential investors

SsangYong X200: Design

and J100 SUV preview last month, X200 sketches also preview retro-style boxy and upright SUVs. Notable styling clues include the protruding black part of the nose, which houses the grille and round headlights, and the thick front bumper with protruding anti-skid plates and vents. The slim fender mounted lights next to the headlights are a return to the original Korando. Looking closely at the design of the nose, some classic Jeep elements become apparent in the shape of the black part with the slatted grille.

Below the side, the square details of the protruding fender flares are obvious, giving the SUV a wider stance, and the doors are set at a position more inside than the width suggested. At the same time, the rear does have some similarities with the J100. There is a prominent protruding part in the center of the tailgate, and the design element is square. The sketch also shows that the model can obtain a soft-top roof panel that can be opened.

Ssangyong’s new design concept

Ssangyong said that the design concept of the X200 is based on the company’s new “Powered by Toughness” design concept, which continues the recently released J100 medium-sized electric SUV.

The automaker stated that the design is based on four formative concepts: “sturdy architecture”, “unexpected pleasure”, “sharp contrast” and “communication with nature”.

“Among the four elements of sculptural identity,’Sturdy Architecture’ pursues the beauty of tough structural shapes and the beauty of detailed sculptures. “Unexpected joy” attracts different lifestyles by embodying a design that is more than just traffic. To provide entertainment and excitement. “Vivid Contrast” expresses the original characteristics of tough SUVs through the contrast between aesthetic elements such as color, texture and shape, while “Communication with Nature” aims to harmonize with the natural world and echo the sensibility of our customers “Li said Kang, head of Ssangyong Design Center.

Lee added that the brand’s future products will also follow the same design direction.

Ssangyong’s future

The bankrupt Ssangyong Apply for court takeover At the end of last year, the parent company Mahindra defaulted on the loan after it rejected an offer to inject new funds into the company earlier this year. Mahindra later stated that it had begun looking for investors for the brand.

Ssangyong revealed in its announcement that its decision to accelerate product development is part of the company’s future plans to make the brand more attractive to potential investors. The automaker stated that it is undergoing an intensive restructuring and one of its goals is to quickly end its repair procedures and restore confidence in the brand.

It is understood that HAAH Automotive Holdings, a US-based auto importer, is keen to implement a plan to acquire a controlling stake in Ssangyong.

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