Renault 4ever electric crossover confirmed

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Renault A new retro-themed “eternal classic” electric car named 4ever has been confirmed to be renamed 4. This will be one of the 10 new electric vehicles to be launched in 2025 along with the upcoming Renault 5 and MeganE.

  • The design of Renault 4 is inspired by old models from 1961 to 1994
  • It will be based on the CMF-BEV platform, such as Renault 5
  • Renault is also developing electric trucks on the CMF-BEV platform.
  • By 2030, 90% of Renault models in Europe will be electric vehicles

Renault 4 EV: What was revealed?

Company boss Luca de Meo confirmed the long-rumored Renault 4 plan, which was originally produced between 1961 and 1994. In an online “ElectroPop” event, Renault revealed new details on how it plans to make up 90% of its plan. By 2030, sales in Europe will be fully electric.

Although de Meo revealed some details about 4ever during the event, it will use the same CMF-BEV small car platform as 5 and may have similar dimensions. Although the 5 is conceived as a sports hatchback, the 4ever is likely to take the form of a compact crossover. Like 5, it will adopt what the design director Gilles Vidal called “retro modern”.

Both 5 and 4ever will benefit from the new battery and electric motor technology being developed by the Renault Group, which the company says will reduce the cost of small electric vehicles.Renault claims that this technology on the CMF-BEV platform will enable it to reduce the cost of 5 by 33%, which is comparable to that of a similar size Reno Zoe.

Other Renault EV models under development

Renault also confirmed that the CMF-BEV platform will be used for new electric trucks. Although no details were revealed, the outline shown in the electronic pop music demo hinted that this will be based on the design of the classic Renault 4 Fourgonette van.

In the demonstration, de Meo confirmed that Zoe will be discontinued when its life cycle ends in 2024. There is currently no direct successor, although it “naturally will be replaced by the product we are showing today, so we will not have loopholes.”

At the same time, the company has confirmed that the performance brand Alpine will launch its first electric car in 2024.

Renault focuses on new battery and electric motor technology

The Renault Group’s goal is to achieve 90% of its sales of electricity by 2030, which will require it to produce about 1 million electric vehicles by that date, while using CMF-BEV and the larger CMF-EV platform that supports MeganE and related products . Nissan Aria.

The Renault Group concentrates its electric vehicle production in its new “ElectriCity” center, which includes three plants in northern France. Both Renault 5 and MeganE will be produced there, possibly together with 4ever. Renault also agreed to cooperate with Envision AESC to build a battery plant in Duai. The plant will be put into operation in 2024 with an annual capacity of 9GWh and plans to expand to 24GWh by 2030.

In addition, Renault will cooperate with the French start-up company Verkor to develop a new high-performance battery for large-scale vehicles. The battery will be built in a separate new factory with a capacity of 10GWh, which may be increased to 10GWh in 2030. 20GWh. .

The batteries used in Renault cars will be standardized around nickel, manganese, and cobalt (NMW) chemistry. The company claims that the technology provides the most competitive cost per mile and has up to 20% more mileage than other elements. .

2021 Renault India lineup

In India, Renault currently offers four models, including Quaid Hatchback, Kiger Compact SUV, dust collector Medium SUV and tribe Utility vehicle.

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