Registration fee may be waived for electric vehicles

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The cost of electric vehicles and renewal registration fees for green vehicles will soon become cheaper. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued a draft notice, recommending that electric vehicles (BOVs) be exempted from fees for issuing or renewing registration certificates (RC) and allocating new registration marks.

  • Draft notice issued on May 27
  • Open to the public and stakeholders for 30 days of comments

Draft notification

Except for the addition of a line to Article 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Regulations of 1989, the draft notice did not provide too many details.

The notice stated: “Further stipulates that for battery-powered vehicles as defined in Rule 2(u); items given in Sl. No. Item 4 of the following table is exempted from the issuance or renewal of registration certificates and the transfer of new registered trademark .”

Rule 2(u) defines a battery-powered vehicle as a “vehicle that is suitable for use on the road and is fully powered by an electric motor whose traction energy is entirely provided by the traction battery installed in the vehicle”, with certain exemptions.

Rule 81 covers various fees charged to car owners, ranging from the issuance and renewal of vehicle trade certificates to the issuance of registration certificates, ownership transfers, and so on. SI no 4 in Rule 81 specifically relates to the cost of issuing and renewing registration certificates and allocating new registration marks for all types of vehicles.

The ministry stated that this is to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and electric vehicles in the country.

Electric cars in India

With the emergence of more mass market brands, electric vehicles are slowly beginning to become popular in the Indian market, such as Tata, modern with MG Products have been launched in this field in the past few years.

Tata has been selling for a few years Tagore electric car Commercial and private buyers Nexans electric car Joined the lineup early last year.Hyundai launched in higher market segments Kona Electric All electric with MG in India in 2019 Zhongshan Electric Vehicle Arrival in early 2020. MG electric SUV also won Updated earlier this year Brought a new battery pack and increased ground clearance.

Even on the luxurious side, Benz with Jaguar Have introduced electric vehicles from their global product portfolio – Quality Control with Rhythm Respectively-going to India with Audi is also expected Join their e-tron SUV segment.

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