Realme MagDart magnetic charging shown in the video-Techweu

Realme has inspired things with the upcoming MagDart magnetic wireless charging solution and Realme Flash smartphones. The pair will debut tomorrow, but prior to the big announcement, XDA developer He introduced me to both Realme Flash and its MagDart charger.

A simple demo shows a quick charge that charges the phone from 18% to 25% in just 3 minutes. It is said that it takes less than an hour to fully charge from 0 to 100%. There is a satisfying click at first, and you can immediately hear the internal fans soaring.

Realme MagDart magnetic charging tipped techweu

Another image shows the details of charging speed and battery capacity, but you can’t guess much from the snapshot except that the battery is split into two cells.

This works at a power rating of 66W, as Realme had previously teased that their upcoming MagDart charger would be 4.4 times more than Apple’s MagSafe charger, but it’s also a guessing game and of technology. It’s better to wait until tomorrow to hear the full details.


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