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Realme initially joked about launching a new laptop for April Fool’s Day, but now there’s good reason to believe that the company may be taking it seriously. Realme has published a survey asking the user’s gender, age, annual income, the type of phone they are currently using, and whether the user is happy with it. Interestingly, there were also some notebook-related questions. That’s why it became the headline for posts in the community forums.

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Users will be asked if they plan to buy a new laptop in the next three months or so and how much they are willing to spend. The range starts at INR 30,000 and peaks at INR 50,000, so Realme’s future laptop prices could be in the middle. This form also asks for the brand of laptop you own.

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realme laptop comming soon techweu

If the questionnaire is okay, it’s likely that Realme is actually planning to launch a laptop in India and is stepping into testing the water. Also, if a notebook is planned, it will probably be available after the third quarter of 2021.


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