Qualcomm finally announces aptX Lossless for Bluetooth devices-Techweu

Snapdragon Sound technology has been around for some time and is announcing another impressive feature called aptXLossless. As the name implies, this technology enables lossless audio streaming over Bluetooth, as long as headphones and streaming devices support it.

Qualcomm finally announced aptX Lossless audio for Bluetooth devices33

The aptX lossless feature is not only high quality streaming, but also very smart. Supports up to 16-bit and 44.1kHz audio. It typically streams at 1 Mbit / s, but can be scaled down to just 140 Kbits / s if the connection is poor or if the audio file has no connection.

In fact, aptX Lossless is an extension of aptX Adaptive tech that is currently running shows in these types of scenarios. We constantly monitor the input, output and RF environment for the best quality and performance.

Qualcomm finally announced aptX Lossless audio for Bluetooth devices

The first consumer products with aptX Lossless will be available later this year. Perhaps one of the main drawbacks of TWS headphones, streaming quality, has been resolved and is pretty impressive.


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