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For a budget of around Rs 50 lakh, you could also consider newer options in the pre-owned performance car market.

Published On Oct 24, 2022 09:00:00 AM

2015 Audi TT front quarter

I am planning to purchase a used Audi TT as a weekend driver and project car to experiment with aftermarket components! I found one registered in September 2015 with 9,100km on the odometer. The dealer has quoted Rs 42.5 lakh, and I would need to spend another Rs 7.5 lakh to register it in Karnataka. The car is accident free, has clear paperwork and doesn’t have any known issues. Is Rs 50 lakh for a 2015 TT a good buy?

Ansh Bajaj, Bengaluru

Autocar India says: Premium cars depreciate the fastest, and the Rs 42 lakh quoted price for the 2015 makes Audi TT looks pretty high. The car should ideally be in the sub-Rs 32 lakh-33 lakh ballpark. Also, considering that you would need to incur almost one-third the cost in re-registration in Karnataka, we would suggest giving this one a pass. With a budget of Rs 50 lakh, you could instead scout for better and newer options in the market.

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