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Retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple distribution channels for profit. The retailer meets the needs determined through the supply chain. The term “retailer” generally applies to the situation where the service provider executes many small individual orders from end users, rather than a few large orders from wholesale, corporate or government customers. Shopping usually refers to the act of buying products. Sometimes this is done to obtain the final commodity, including necessities such as food and clothes; sometimes, it is a form of entertainment. Entertainment shopping usually involves window shopping and browsing: it does not always lead to purchases.

Refer in-consumer-Digital disruption leadership summit 2020 by delliote here.

Post learning retail Quiz Answers

Which of the following are challenges to the disruptive technology growth?

Changing Customers
Demand-Reducing New Business Models
Massive Overcapacity
All of the above 
Correct Answer - All of the above 

Which of the following is NOT one of the retail segments of Accenture?

Department Stores
Quick Service Restaurants
Correct Answer - Machinery 

Data Steward in one who enforces data governance policies and standards to ensure the quality, accuracy and security of the data.

Correct Answer - True

Which of the following is part of the four pillars of Responsible Retail?

A and B 
Correct Answer - A and B

Empowering the consumer by being agile and constantly innovating to meet the high standards and expectations of the consumers is one of the trends that will drive and enhance retail experience.

Correct Answer - True

Which of the following are steps to operationalize the future of Retail?

Become mind readers
Become dare devils
Find power in the DARQ
All of the above 
Correct Answer - All of the Above 

The real challenge for retailers is that disruptive technology will make it possible for manufacturers to become retailers and/or consume a greater portion of the customer engagement.

Correct Answer - True

Which is not one of the nine technologies fundamentally disrupting Retail?

Internet of Things
Custom manufacturing / 3D printing
Digital Twin/Digital Thread 
Correct Answer - Digital Twin/Digital Thread 

What is the term used to denote the process of storing products in warehouse at designated position for later picking?

Flow Through
Put Away
Later Picking
Correct Answer - Put Away

To create the recipe for a great shopping experience, which of the following ingredients are important?

Digital payment options Loyalty Rewards Mobile App
In-store Dining Value Loyalty Rewards
Convenience Value
Digital Payment
Social Media presence
Correct Answer - C - Convenience Value

Which of the following is strictly an example of the ‘Brick and Mortar’ Retail Channel?

Correct Answer - 7-Eleven

What is merchandising?

Deciding the lowest level of unique product
Deciding which products should be grouped together based on their attributes
Deciding on the right product mix to be offered for sale to customer by Store 
Deciding the logical way of displaying and stacking products
Correct Answer - Deciding on the right product mix to be offered for sale to customer by Store 

What constitutes ‘Responsible Retail’?

Understanding Consumer Values
Addressing environmental impact
Embracing circular business models
All of the above 
Correct Answer - All of the above 

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