Porsche is developing a competitor to the Tesla Model 3

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According to reports, Porsche is laying the foundation for its seventh model, an electric fastback sedan closely related to the Audi A4 E-tron.

● The new model will challenge Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4.

● It will be developed on the modular PPE platform jointly developed with Audi.

● Porsche’s target price is £50,000 (Rs 5.18 million)

When the large manufacturers in the group unite to show their collective muscles, the power of the Volkswagen Group is strongest. Tesla has opened up a comfortable space in the electric vehicle market, but the recent news that Porsche plans to launch Model 3 and BMW i4 rival cars has made California and Bavarian boards shudder.

The new Porsche electric car: name, price and development

According to the report, Porsche will use the PPE platform jointly developed with Audi to produce an electric fastback sedan closely related to the Audi A4 E-tron. The two manufacturers have already cooperated on the development of Taycan and E-tron GT, and are currently participating in the joint project of the electric Macan and Q6 E-tron.

Details are still scarce, but it is believed that Porsche’s target price is approximately £50,000 (Rs 5.18 million), and it is possible that the company will eventually use its Cajun name, which was registered as a trademark in 2011.

The new Porsche electric car: powertrain

Our sister publication OurUK has been informed that the upcoming sedan will share key platforms, drive trains and battery components with the upcoming Macan EV. Like the A4 E-tron, the proposed Porsche model may provide a choice of single-motor, rear-wheel drive and dual-motor, four-wheel drive power systems.

The new Porsche electric car: production plan

Porsche has not yet made a decision on whether and where the model will be put into production, but sources say that Porsche is building enough production capacity for the possible seventh model line, and is priced at 519 million pounds (5,375 crore) in Leipzig. ) To upgrade plants. Current models produced there include Macan, Panamera and Panamera Sport Turismo.

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