Porsche Cayenne Coupe will receive Lamborghini Urus competitor derivative products

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This Porsche Cayenne Coupe Will get a more powerful high-end version, mainly for the most powerful super SUV on sale, including Lamborghini Urus And Bentley Bentayga Speed.Set to show as an updated member chili In the product lineup at the end of June, Porsche shared pictures of the new SUV being tested.

  • The new high-end Cayenne Coupe outputs 640hp and 849Nm from a 4.0-liter V8 engine
  • Will become the most powerful gasoline cayenne
  • The name of the variant that will be revealed at the global debut

“Choosing a coupe has many advantages. It is lighter than an SUV and has a slightly lower center of gravity. Our goal is not only to deliver the most powerful Cayenne to date, but also to provide a sporty Cayenne.” Rico Löscher, the engineer responsible for the development of the new model, is in Germany I told our sister publication ” OurUK” when I recently drove a prototype of a new model.

The new derivative will become the most powerful gasoline-only Cayenne Coupe

The rigorously upgraded model is the most powerful pure-burning Cayenne so far. The modified version of its Porsche twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 gasoline engine has a power of up to 640hp, which is 90hp higher than the power of the Cayenne Turbo Coupe. This is 40 horsepower higher than the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine produced by the Audi RS Q8 and 10 hp lower than the Lamborghini Urus (one of the most powerful and fastest SUVs today). The torque has also increased from 79Nm to 849Nm.

In order to improve performance, Porsche revised the software of the 8-speed torque converter transmission and the four-wheel drive system, which obtained a greater rear-biased power distribution. The electronic differential has also been modified to provide enhanced torque vectoring and greater lock.

Löscher said: “The idea of ​​the new model is to match the increased performance potential with the enhanced cohesiveness and overall dynamic capabilities of the Cayenne GTS.”

Although it is said that the upgraded Cayenne TurboCoupé has established a time of 0-100kph in the official Audi RS Q8’s 3.8 seconds and the Lamborghini Urus’ official 3.6 seconds, there is currently no performance requirement. The maximum speed is limited to 299kph.

New Cayenne Coupe derivative products will receive customized style changes

The new top cover will undergo customized style changes, including a complex carbon fiber active aerodynamic kit, which is said to provide greater downforce and more efficient engine compartment and brake cooling.

There is also a redesigned front bumper with a lip spoiler and air ducts that are more pronounced than the standard facelifted Cayenne (recently appeared in prototype form). At the same time, the roof spoiler has been increased on each side, and the rear wing that spreads rapidly from the rear edge of the tailgate has been significantly increased in size. A new rear diffuser is equipped with a pair of sturdy, centrally mounted exhaust ports.

The newcomers use various parts in the lightweight sports kit, which are provided as optional equipment for the standard Cayenne TurboCoupé, including a profiled carbon fiber roof panel. Porsche has not yet confirmed the weight of the curb, although it is said to reduce the weight of the standard model by 2,200 kg.

Although our sister publication ” OurUK” can confirm that its customized upgrade is equipped with a titanium alloy exhaust system and new engine management software, the details of the engine modification have not been revealed.

It uses standard 22-inch forged aluminum wheels, the front wheels are 285/35 ZR22, and the rear wheels are 315/30 ZR22, which are the largest standard tires Porsche offers on the Cayenne. The larger deflection of the new wheels slightly increases the track width at each end, while allowing an increase in the negative camber on the front axle.

The adaptive air suspension has been slightly lowered, and the damping rate has been firmer. Further dynamic changes are focused on the adjustment of the electro-hydraulic active roll stabilization system and steering, the latter combined with Porsche’s Power Steering Plus rear-wheel steering system. At the same time, the brake uses the same ceramic composite disc and caliper as an option for the standard model.

Porsche India

Porsche sells standard and SUV coupe Cayenne body styles in India, and its range includes standard, hybrid and high-performance Turbo variants of the two models. However, it remains to be seen whether this new high-performance coupe can finally enter India.

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