Poco M3 Pro 5G leaked with official renderings-Techweu

Poco seems to have something new coming soon. Poco M3 Pro is on the road to complement Poco’s ever-expanding roster of vanilla M3. This is similar to what Poco recently pulled on the X3 and X3 Pro.

However, unlike that pair, the M3 Pro doesn’t look the same as the M3, and it looks like it’s choosing to abandon the model’s outstanding design for another type of outstanding design. This is based on the leaked rendering shown below.

Poco M3 Pro 5G leaks with official-looking renderings-Techweu

Compared to the M3, the M3 Pro will be steered with the MediaTek Dimensity chipset, according to Kevin Xiaobo Qiu, Head of Poco Global, and Angus Ng, Global Head of Product Marketing for Poco. There is no exact SoC name, but it outperforms the Snapdragon 662 on non-Pro phones. In the company’s internal tests, one score on AnTuTu was 301,635, while the next M3 Pro scored 329,072.

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Because it is a dimension, it allows for 5G connections. In addition, the Poco M3 Pro features a high refresh rate screen, another improvement over the M3. As you can see, it will be available in 3 colours including Poco Yellow.

Interestingly, with the launch of the Poco M3 Pro, the Poco X3 will be discontinued. The price of the M3 Pro is about the same as that model, and if you need even better performance, there’s the Poco X3 Pro.

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