Oppo X Tom Ford slider phone leaked online-Techweu

In August, Oppo patented a slider phone with an expandable display. Today we are looking at a colorful rendering of a special edition designed by American fashion designer and filmmaker Tom Ford.

The phone comes with a retractable screen that increases the display area by 80% when opened vertically.

There is a triple camera setup on the back panel of the mobile phone, under which the text “OPPO X TOM FORD-DESIGN FOR CONCEPT SHAKIRA” is written. You can also see that the LED flash is placed under the designer’s surname.

Oppo X Tom Ford slider phone leaked online-Techweu

There are no cutouts or holes on the screen for selfie cameras. That is, the phone uses an under-display camera, or the gray area on the back is actually a secondary screen that helps you take selfies on the primary screen. camera.

The frame to the right of the slider phone has a SIM card slot that can only be accessed when the screen is stretched. There is also a golden tab on the top of the phone that you can pull out if you want to hang the phone around your neck as a fashion accessory.

There’s no word from Oppo about this phone yet, and it’s unclear if it’s commercially available or remains a concept.

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