Nissan uses the Juke concept car to pay tribute to the 240Z East Africa Rally

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The rally-spec Nissan Juke Rally Tribute concept car has been unveiled, paying tribute to the iconic Nissan 240Z rally car, which won the powerful East African Rally 50 years ago.

  • Concept design changes inspired by the rally
  • It is said to have a hybrid system
  • The original 240Z rally car is currently part of the Nissan Heritage series

Nissan Juke Rally Tribute Concept: What you need to know

The Juke Rally Tribute concept draws design inspiration from the 240Z, including prominent front spotlights, vintage red exterior paint and contrasting black hood, and racing decals on the side of the car. Juke also got larger wheel arches to accommodate custom off-road tires and was much taller than road bikes.

Nissan also said that the rally concept-the current digital rendering-will use a hybrid powertrain to provide greater torque and higher efficiency, and emphasized the company’s commitment to electrification of its model series.

Coralie Musy, Vice President of Nissan Brand and Customer Experience said: “The Juke Rally Tribute concept celebrates an iconic moment in Nissan’s tradition, the participation and victory of the legendary 240Z in the 1971 East Africa Rally.”

“In addition to celebrating this victory, it also reflects Nissan’s groundbreaking history in crossovers, eye-catching designs, and electrified powertrains. We are happy to celebrate this extraordinary achievement with these eye-catching images. 50th anniversary of victory.”

Nissan 240Z rally car

The 240Z won the East Africa Safari Rally in Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika in 1971 and was driven by Edgar Herrmann and navigator Hans Schüller. This is the company’s second consecutive win in the series.

The original car was powered by a 2.4-liter inline six-cylinder engine, producing 210 horsepower. The winning 240Z car was restored in 2013 and is now part of the Nissan Heritage series in Zama, Japan.

India’s Nissan lineup

Although the Juke concept car inspired by the rally is expected to be a one-off, Nissan currently has no plans to launch a mass-produced Juke SUV in India. The automaker’s current product lineup in the country includes the Magnite compact SUV and the Kicks mid-size SUV. At the same time, the company’s budget brand Datsun offers entry-level Redigo hatchbacks and larger Go hatchbacks and Go+ compact seven-seaters.

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