NATRAX high-speed track may be opened for supercar owners

Mayank Dhingra

This National Automotive Test Track (NATRAX) The facility in Pithampur, Indore, is likely to allow owners of supercars in the country to experience high-speed driving despite the extremely safe environment.

  • NATRAX set up to facilitate vehicle testing in the automotive industry
  • Even supercar owners can use NATRAX
  • Super sports cars can reach speeds of more than 300 km/h on NATRAX

NATRAX may open the door to supercar owners

The state-of-the-art automobile testing ground was opened on June 29, 2021. It includes an 11.3 km long main high-speed track (HST) and 13 peripheral tracks, such as noise absorption, handling and braking test tracks, mainly for Promote vehicle development and testing needs in the automotive industry.

However, given the slowdown in the industry, and many automakers like Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra Due to its internal test track, NATRAX may not be able to fully utilize its installed capacity. Therefore, in order to recover the Rs 1,321 crore spent on this world-class infrastructure, “unconventional” use of the track may begin.

NATRAX Director Dr. N Karuppaiah said in an exclusive interview with Autocar: “We see a threat that the capacity may not be able to fully utilize the initially estimated capacity, so we are also considering attracting automotive customers from Asian or European countries.” India.

“In addition, we are also considering starting to use the track unconventionally, for example, to allow supercar owners in the country to experience high-speed driving in a safe and controlled environment,” added Dr. Karuppaiah.

0-300kph on the NATRAX high-speed track

Although the NATRAX authorities have witnessed a lot of buzz and demand for allowing the public to be on the track, it will proceed with caution. “If we feel that NATRAX’s capacity is only used by 30-40%, we can increase the security protocol and authorize an agency with law enforcement officers and charge them for tracking days,” he explained.

Although the track day may be affected, safety will be the top priority and any form of competition will be banned. “Supercar owners can experience 0-300kph at HST, and we can let them enjoy extremely high-speed driving. However, we will not allow typical racing activities on the track,” he warned.

“That said, we just want to keep it as Plan B. After assessing the demand based on regular usage, it will become clear in the next six months,” the person in charge behind this truly world-class signed the miracle.

Ourruns at 0-300kph of NATRAX

OurIndia recently completed the first 0-300kph meter operation In the controlled test environment of NATRAX HST.Our testers achieved this feat with 585hp Mercedes-AMG GT R Supercar.Click on here Watch the full video of 0-300kph running.

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