Mumbai’s traffic police ordered to stop checking vehicle certificates and regulate traffic activities

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Mumbai Police Chief Hemant Nagrale (Hemant Nagrale) has issued strict orders to the traffic police department not to stop and check documents. According to observations, unnecessary vehicle and document inspections by traffic police are causing traffic congestion.

  • Mumbai traffic police only intercept vehicles in violation of traffic rules
  • Traffic police should give priority to streamlining traffic
  • Checking vehicles or documents does not belong to the traffic police authority

Traffic police only have the right to file a lawsuit against drivers who violate traffic rules in accordance with the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Law, and cannot sue in other ways. It is not within the power of traffic police officers to inspect vehicles or documents for any reason or doubt.

Mumbai Police Chief Nagrale observed that traffic officials often intercept vehicles for trivial matters, which can cause traffic congestion. He has strictly required the traffic police department to prioritize the monitoring of traffic movements and stop vehicles only when traffic violations occur.

The order also said: “Even if there is a joint nakabandi with RTO officials or local police, the traffic police should only follow the actions prescribed by the rules. The police should not do any other inspections. If the traffic police does not follow the instructions, the person in charge of the traffic control department shall be responsible.”

“We saw some policemen stopping vehicles in the middle of the road to check the driver’s or vehicle’s documents. This kind of inspection can cause traffic congestion; we received a lot of complaints about the same. Inspections are completely unnecessary. Traffic police should pay more attention to keeping traffic flowing. ,” a senior police officer said.

In other words, the traffic police still retain the power to intercept traffic offenders and issue challenges when needed.


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