Morgan Plus Four CX-T is a retro style rally car

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The British retro-style car manufacturer Morgan has launched a limited-edition off-road version of its recently launched Plus Four sports car, called CX-T, which is “designed for adventure on land”, making its supporters and most of the sports car industry feel surprise.

  • CX-T pays tribute to the historic Morgan Motors
  • Get improved suspension and bottom protection
  • Equipped with BMW xDrive electronic differential

Morgan CX-T: What is it?

According to design director Jon Wells, the car made its public debut on the Salon Privé for three purposes. He has been eager for years to produce an off-road Morgan. First of all, this is an opportunity to demonstrate the strength and rigidity of the new CX monocoque platform that supports the new generation of Plus 4 and Plus 6 models. Secondly, it pays tribute to Morgan’s long history of durability, which is a testament to extensive endurance victory at the beginning of the 112-year-old company. Third, Wells said it acknowledged that many Morgan owners have solved “extraordinary adventures” even in their standard model.

Morgan CX-T: Off-road hardware

Morgan and Rally Raid’s engineers jointly decided that if equipped with an improved Plus 6 suspension arm and bushings, larger wheels and tires, and EXE-TC suspension, the standard Plus 4 chassis and power system could meet the requirements. Well proven-way. Together, these measures have increased the ground clearance from the standard 120 mm to 230 mm.

There is a five-piece underbody protection system, including a front collision shield, an engine shield, a rear chassis shield, a mid-section shield and a new rear chassis. The exhaust system has been redesigned, and the exhaust ports are located on the extended rear wing of the car to avoid limiting the ground clearance.

CX-T retains the standard two-wheel drive settings of Plus Four. Most of its transmissions are standard, but it uses the BMW xDrive electronic differential-with customized software-to provide three driving modes, including full-scale driving under extreme conditions. Locking the differential. It also runs a shorter final drive ratio than the standard to compensate for larger diameter wheels and tires, and widens the wheel arches for greater clearance.

Morgan CX-T: Basics and Powertrain

CX-T is based on Plus Four, although it now has custom composite hard tops and protruding tubular roll cages. It has been highly modified to maximize luggage and equipment carrying capacity. There is also an internal roll cage, which is bolted to the original structure. But despite all these additions, the weight is still less than 1,300 kg, which is a remarkable achievement.

Under the hood, the CX-T is equipped with a 255hp, 350Nm, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine from BMW from Plus Four. The engine is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Morgan CX-T: Design

Plus Four’s traditional slanted rear panel has been replaced by custom-made side panels and an equipment rack designed to carry two spare wheels, several “rugged” Pelican boxes, a tool box, and two petrol and water container. All equipment is carefully designed for safe transport but quick release. Wells and his colleagues are also designing bike racks and roof luggage to meet the special requirements of potential car owners.

Morgan CX-T: Availability

Morgan’s plant in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, has begun construction of eight CX-Ts, and all cars should be completed and ready for road registration by the end of the year. Morgan officials are cautious about building more CX-Ts if the model succeeds, although they agree that “this may happen.” At the same time, only three of the original CX-T batches are available for new car owners, and they are likely to be sold soon.

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