MG Hector long-term review, final report

Shapur Kotwal

MG’s value-for-money Hector is a pleasant surprise. This may be related to the desired level. Hector, you see, it’s not the kind of car I’m naturally attracted to. Large, not inclined to drive fast, and a very leisurely manner, this is a vital car, it goes all out to impress what it has, not what it can do.

Nevertheless, I cannot say that I was not shocked by the internal space, especially in the rear. The large tablet in the center provides many useful connectivity features, and what makes Hector popular is that it works in an unobtrusive way.

Space capsule: plenty of legroom, flat floor at the rear, and wide cabin.

But let me start with the look I really like. I think the designer has done a very good job with the nose and chin. The posture of the car and the small wheels that are separated are also very “correct”. It does manage to convey an imperial atmosphere, which fits perfectly with the British tradition of the emblem. Even the rear of the car is cool, with a wide base, narrow window lines, and a tight roof. I have to say that I also made full use of the electric tailgate during the lockout period. It can be easily opened and closed remotely, so the package can be loaded at the back and then collected at a convenient time.

Another great advantage is the size. Its Chinese roots mean that the passenger’s rear space, flat floor and sliding rear seats, are indeed very popular. Passengers do stretch and enjoy long-distance driving. What makes the journey pleasant is the huge skylight illuminates the cabin very well. There is a lot of space in the rear row, even if there is a full-size child seat in the rear row, it will not affect the space. There is no need to push the front passenger seat forward when installing the seat. Three people can still sit side by side during short trips. Then, because there is no big hump on the floor, even the “fifth” passenger has enough legroom.

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Connect it: The large flat screen and connection technology really enhance the Hector experience.

Another thing that stands out is the huge screen. This is something I use every day. I often use networking technologies, especially Gaana applications. The Infinity audio system with active subwoofer makes discovering new music an absolute pleasure, especially in long-distance driving. I especially like the fact that I can listen to music loudly without the speakers getting smaller or hurting my ears. However, I do have to launch the application on each drive and find the music to play, so autoplay is welcome.

I also like to use TomTom-based navigation. Real-time traffic alerts saved me from getting stuck in congestion, at least a few times. In fact, every time I get into trouble, I start the navigation and look for the red part. Yes, Google Maps is great, but it is much faster. You don’t need to stop, pick up your phone, unlock it, find the app, select it, enter the destination, and wait again. I also found that, but a little late, the software upgrade allows Apple CarPlay to use the entire screen. I especially like that I can view my long call list in portrait mode, and easily call back or reconnect with people while on the move.

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Plastic is not great: the quality of ordinary plastic inside is not convincing in some places.

The screen and the system are not all good. The interface is not very good, the hardware is slow and sluggish, the camera resolution is poor, and the system cannot multitask, so for example, it is impossible to adjust the fan speed during a call. In addition, voice recognition needs to be improved, can we provide a real fan speed button!

Hector is not the car you bought because of its driving dynamics. This will soon become apparent. But it’s not because you don’t buy it because of its driving method. The driving experience is pleasant and Hector acts in an unobtrusive way; nothing more. In all the time I spent with it, Hector was painless to drive in city traffic. The steering is appropriately light at low speeds, Hector feels stable when you change lanes, and the Jeep (Fiat) 170-horsepower Multijet even provides a lot of usable power. You really need an automatic transmission at this price. The clutch can sometimes become lively, but other than that, Hector is doing quite well in this city.

However, hot foot it, you, wrong, exposed Hector’s Achilles heel. At higher speeds, Big MG obviously needs your attention. It also feels sloppy to fill up passengers and luggage. The front part started shaking on bumps, it rolled without too much provocation, and was usually uncomfortable at the speed that the Jeep engine could propel it. Fortunately, the slowing down “message” can be heard loudly and clearly.

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Dial: The ordinary-looking dial will draw your attention to the current digital competitors.

Another thing I am increasingly discovering below the standard is the quality of plastics. In addition, there is no safe place to put down the phone. In addition, the tire pressure sensor on our car is wired incorrectly; the front and rear axles have been interchanged.

Compared to any other car in the same class, the large Hector still offers you more SUVs. At least half the size of other competitors, well-equipped, and now looks better inside, the 2021 version is even equipped with more features, such as ventilated front seats, wireless charging and gasoline automatic, electric parking brake. Those who are looking for value for money, look no further.

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