Mercedes hints at uncertain futures for vans, RVs and convertibles

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As the electrification of automobiles gradually becomes the mainstream, some traditional body styles may give way to new forms and shapes of automobiles in the future. Benz‘Chief Operating Officer Markus Schäfer said that as electrification changes the balance of traditional market sectors, the company is studying the future of the station wagon and other vehicle segments.

  • The preference for SUVs puts pressure on the body styles of cars and station wagons
  • The future of Mercedes’ convertible and coupe is also uncertain
  • Despite the sustainability goals, Mercedes continues to use leather in cars

Electric vehicle transformation challenges traditional body style

In an interview with our sister publication OurUK at the Munich Motor Show, Schäfer admitted that for “luxury cars, we have to wait and see. As more and more customers switch to SUVs, the market is under pressure, while real estate and station wagons are the only thing left. Several markets. So we have to look at how the volume develops. Technically speaking, they are absolutely possible-this is not a problem-but it is more a question of how this niche develops. I know that the UK is A great market for station wagons.”

Earlier, other sources from Mercedes-Benz told OurUK that the RV market is being squeezed by the rise of more and more efficient SUVs, especially pneumatic and electric SUVs that are slower than traditional ICE models. Europe is now one of the few places in the world to buy travel editions in bulk, because China and the United States prefer their senior riders.

Schäfer also admitted that Mercedes is looking at the future of coupes and convertibles: “We must realize that the global demand for convertibles is declining-China is not a market covering sports cars. In Europe, we decided to buy There are fewer buyers of convertibles. Convertibles, compared to a few years ago. But I think this is a very attractive product and emotional product…We must also consider coupes.”

But Schäfer publicly stated that this is not an easy task. “It’s not that easy to build a good-looking convertible [as an EV],” he said. “This is an engineering job-keep it in good proportions and don’t lift it too high. This is a very important job and task. There is a big battery under it. There are some cars on the market that do not meet our tastes. So we will think of a better way. “

Despite the sustainability goals, Mercedes continues to use leather

One thing Schäfer believes that Mercedes will not decline in the short term is leather. Although the German company promotes sustainable development, from the promise of electrification in certain markets by 2030 to the use of low-carbon steel in cars, leather will remain at Mercedes. He thinks this is one of the defining characteristics of the car.

“You have a vegan interior that is available today because Artico is available. But we don’t want to give up leather. We are researching how the leather is handled and delving into this so we can know where it came from,” Schäfer said.

One thing Schäfer wanted to keep in particular was the steering wheel material. “I’m struggling with the steering wheel,” he said. “Honestly, I don’t want plastic or artificial leather steering wheels. Frankly speaking, this is the only compromise I won’t make, because leather or wooden steering wheels feel much better, much better.”

Mercedes to be launched in India: 2021 and beyond

Adhere to electrification, Mercedes enters the luxury electric vehicle field in India with all-electric EQC SUV In October of last year.The next electric car launched by the automaker for the Indian market will be new EQS sedan It is expected to be launched in early 2022.Mercedes also listed EQE sedan with EQB off-road vehicle On its Indian website, it is hinted that they are also about to launch.

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