Mercedes-Benz used car trading platform goes online

Nishmanya Bahadur

Benz India has just launched a new online platform called Marketplace, which caters to the purchase and sale of used cars. Mercedes claims that this is a “direct customer-to-customer” platform that aims to increase transparency and create a relaxing experience for customers buying or selling used cars.

  • The market allows any Mercedes owner to sell used cars
  • Buyers have more choices of used cars
  • Mercedes celebrates used car sales

Mercedes-Benz Market: What is it?

Marketplace is Mercedes’ latest online platform designed to accommodate the buying and selling of used cars.Build on the existing foundation of the brand Digital Store And certified used car collections, the Marketplace now allows customers to sell their used cars directly. In addition to being available online, customers can even register for the Marketplace offline by visiting a local Mercedes dealer.

Second-hand car buyers also benefit from the Marketplace, because with this, Mercedes has more second-hand car inventory. This provides buyers with more choices and diversity.

Mercedes-Benz Market: How does it work?

For anyone who wants to sell used Mercedes on the Marketplace, they must choose between the “Sell your car” label (for selling your car only) and the “Trade-in” label (for sale). Car and upgrade to the new Mercedes. After selecting the tab, they only need to fill in the relevant details of the vehicle. From here, Mercedes is responsible for evaluating cars, finding potential buyers, arranging test drives, and even ensuring the completion of transactions between buyers and sellers.

Buyers of used cars benefit from the fact that Mercedes will evaluate the car and congratulate its purchase, which makes the buying process less cumbersome and simple compared to organizing paperwork and transactions on their own.

The Impact of Marketplace on Mercedes Used Car Business

Mercedes claims that the online penetration rate of its used car business is 20%, but with the launch of the Marketplace, the automaker expects this ratio to increase to 30%. The automaker also expects that its franchise partners will benefit from the new platform, with both new cars (through trade-in) and used car businesses having potential growth opportunities.

Mercedes-Benz India Series

The German luxury car manufacturer launched a series of new models in India this year, including A-class limousine, Second-generation GLA, E-level facelift, New S class, Maybach GLS 600 And the nearest Two new E-Class AMGs – AMG E63 S and AMG E53.

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