Mercedes-Benz says young Indian buyers prefer SUVs to sedans

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Benz Is rapidly strengthening and updating its Indian product line, the company is determined to launch as many as 15 new products in 2021The German brand has also doubled its SUV range, which is reflected in its recent debut. Second-generation GLA On the one hand, the flagship Maybach GLS In another. Mercedes stated that the increasing focus on SUVs has helped to open up the brand to a younger audience. In an interview with OurIndia, Santosh Iyer, vice president of sales and marketing of Mercedes-Benz India, said: “New (a group of) customers are beginning to use SUVs, while traditional luxury customers still prefer cars.”

  • The average age of Maybach GLS SUV buyers is 40-45 years old
  • Young buyers prefer SUVs, while traditional customers choose cars

Maybach attracts new customers with GLS 600 4MATIC

Mercedes-Maybach now has an SUV in India. The GLS 600 4MATIC was launched at an ex-showroom price of Rs 2.43 crore, attracting a very different type of customer from the typical Maybach (S-class sedan) buyer. “Traditionally, the customer profile we obtained for the S-Class Maybach included leaders in large companies,” Iyer said. He mentioned that industry tycoons usually upgrade their Maybach sedans every time a new model is introduced. However, the Maybach GLS SUV attracts a completely different Indian elite.

“For the GLS Maybach, we see a great affinity, from Bollywood to cricket and sports, there are many young people. I think this is only because of the combination of SUV and Maybach. So it is definitely not the customer base of the S-Class Maybach. This is a very different configuration file with different requirements.”

He added: “There is another revelation for us that the average age of (buyers) who buy such an expensive car is about 40-45 years old, because when you look at the road price, 243 crore is equivalent to 3,000. Ten thousand rupees, including registration and insurance. So the GLS Maybach is a high-priced car.”

Al mentioned that all the more than 50 ultra-luxury SUVs pre-designated by Mercedes and imported into the country have been negotiated. He added that another group of customers is already configuring cars to be delivered next year.

“When you configure the GLS Maybach, the price of this car can be up to Rs 4 crore, and it is equipped with all options and equipment.” “So now, we also see the appeal of people wanting to configure the best dual tone, even if Car prices reach 3.5-4 crore rupees. So demand is strong,” he said.

Although Mercedes seems happy to cater to the new demographic of the country’s super-rich, it will also continue to provide products for its core customer base.First, the automaker will Launched the next-generation S-Class on June 17. The new Maybach S-Class is also expected to make its debut in India in the next few months. S580 is even planned to be assembled at the company’s Chakan factory Near Pune.

Mercedes sees strong demand for SUVs

Although sedans still account for a large portion of Mercedes’ sales in India, it has also been affected by the strong growth in demand for SUVs. Iyer commented that although car sales continue to grow, “from an absolute percentage growth perspective, SUV sales are much higher.”

Leading SUV charging is GLC with GLE. This GLS It is said to be very popular. Now, the automaker has used the new GLA as an entry point for its SUV product portfolio.

Despite this, the car lineup is still vital to the company’s Indian business.For reference, where 3,193 cars sold in the first quarter of 2021, 53% are cars. “So when I saw our powerful car products, Class C, Class E with S class Are the three pillars.We now have one type We launched it recently,” Iyer said.

“The demand for E-Class has never declined, it has grown year by year, and it continues to truly surprise all of us with its absolute dominance in the field,” he said. For reference, one-third of Mercedes sold in the country are E-class sedans.

“Then the S-Class-it is a lifecycle product. So when the new car hits the market, we see a huge increase.” Iyer provided insights about the remaining strong sellers, adding: “For the A-Class sedan , We are selling all the cars we produce, so now it’s completely word of mouth. When you look at the C-class cars, we were out of stock before the pandemic, and now, we have restarted, but only in July of this year Some of these cars will be delivered by August.”

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