Maruti Suzuki Jimny will be launched next year; marketing plan is underway

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Maruti Suzuki Is preparing to launch the highly anticipated Jimny SUV for the Indian market. “We are developing a marketing plan for Jimny in India,” said Shashank Srivastava, executive director of sales and marketing at Maruti Suzuki India, in a statement. Exclusive interview with our sister channel What Car?India. The preparation of the marketing plan strongly shows the company’s intention to launch an SUV in our market.

  • Maruti is formulating Jimny’s pricing and marketing plan in India

  • Although Maruti has not confirmed the release schedule, it is expected that this SUV will be available in early 2022

  • India specification Jimny may be a 5-door version with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine

Although there is still a period of time before the Indian market, the company has been producing Jimny in India for several months and has exported a large number of products to the international market.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny India released: One step closer

In an investor conference call earlier this year, Maruti Suzuki once revealed his evaluation of Jimny in India In progress. However, Srivastava’s latest comments confirm for the first time that this SUV is about to be launched in India.

As we previously reported, the Indian version of Jimny will be adjusted for specific countries. Maruti Suzuki has been actively collecting feedback from potential customers and conducting market research on the price positioning of SUVs.Srivastava said of this fact: “We started Manufacturing Jimny in India for the export market 2-3 months ago. The export data of Jimny made in India is quite good.We showed Jimny participates in the 2020 Auto Expo in India For our Indian customers, we have collected a lot of feedback. We are still studying Jimny’s pricing in India, or whether India-specific changes should be made to the car, etc. ”

“We have not yet decided on its release schedule. Once we finalize it, we will notify you,” the sales and marketing director told What Car? India(Click here to subscribe to what car?Indian Hindi YouTube Channel). However, according to our sources, Jimny will be listed sometime early next year.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny India released: What do we know so far?

Jimny heading to Maruti Suzuki’s Nexa showroom is probably a 5-door version still under development. The source told us, Jimny 5 doors It will be unveiled next year with the Jimny (3-door) facelift. Maruti Suzuki will manufacture the Jimny 5-door car together with the standard version already made in India.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-door: Expected engine and gearbox options

The Jimny 5-door model will be equipped with a 1.5-liter K15B gasoline engine, which will produce approximately 102 horsepower in some markets like ours. A stronger and more powerful version of Maruti’s smart hybrid technology is also expected to help.Otherwise, the 1.5-liter engine will be similar to Vitara Brezza, S-Cross, Ciaz with Ertiga In our market, but adjusted to provide greater torque. Transmission options will include 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic torque converter.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny: Price estimates and competitors

Maruti expects to price five Jimny doors between 10 and 1.2 million rupees (ex-showroom).Although it has no direct competitors, it can be seen as a competitor to other lifestyle SUVs, such as larger and more powerful SUVs. Mahindra Tal with Renewed Force Gurkha.

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