Maruti Ignis and Tata Punch are comparable to Citroen C3 and stand out in the hatchery field

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Earlier this week, Citroen Finally showed its first mass market model to India, which is C3 hatchback. C3 is scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2022 and will compete in the crowded mid-hatch section and complete its work. But the company is full of confidence in its opportunities. In an interview with OurIndia, Citroen Global CEO Vincent Cobee stated that the C3 is “a hatch of less than 4 million, with some distortions.” He added that the company “has a lot of tricks” and the hatchback will distinguish it from the Volkswagen.

  • Key highlights of style, size and comfort
  • C3 misses certain features at an aggressive price

Citroen C3 focuses on design, comfort and connectivity

Like all other Citroen, the C3 has a stylish design, which the automaker hopes will inject some freshness into this segment. With its split headlamp settings, thick styling tips and bright colors, you won’t think of Citroen as any other product on the market. The company also said that this car is aimed at young people.

Citroen also provided a large number of SUV styling clues for the model, its upright posture, raised hood line, raised driver position and 180 mm of ground clearance.

Another core feature of the French brand is comfort-it promises to be available in upcoming products. To this end, the car manufacturer said it has adjusted the suspension to provide a relaxing ride experience. C3 also has a spacious cabin with a length of 3.98m and a wheelbase of 2.54m.

Citroen even claims that the hatchback has “the largest legroom in this market segment.” At the same time, the guidance space is fixed at a considerable 315 liters. The cabin is also decorated with many convenient storage boxes.

Citroen equipped the C3 with a large 10-inch touch screen infotainment system, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There are enough charging ports in the cabin to make everyone’s gadgets full of vitality. By placing a heavy bet on connectivity, Citroen seems to insist on its product profile that caters to younger audiences.

Citroen C3 prices are aggressive

Although C3 may be large in terms of space and connectivity, it has been reduced in some other areas. For example, the company’s models lack some trim, including electric exterior mirrors, automatic climate control and button activation. It is equipped with lifting door handles instead of pulling door handles, and is equipped with fixed headrests for front and rear passengers. The rear windshield also does not display the wiper system, and the rear power window switch is located on the center console and shared with the driver. Therefore, the conservative feature list does indicate a competitive positioning. Cobee further proved that India is a very cost-sensitive market, adding: “You must ensure that you are always at the appropriate level of frugality so that your car costs can provide customers with an attractive value proposition. So, we have done.”

Therefore, it can be expected that C3 can interact with Maruti Suzuki Ignatius And upcoming Tata PunchHowever, Citroen has a larger footprint, almost 4 million long, at least in its higher variants, Citroen may also be on par with entry-level interiors. Maruti Suzuki Barney Road with Tata altroz.

Unlike other crossovers, like Ford Freestyle, C3 is given enough SUV flavor, may attract buyers away from some compact SUVs on the market, such as Nissan Magnite with Renokege.

Citroen will launch 3 India-focused cars before 2024

“We are not bringing a car, but a family of three cars. We will launch them regularly to ensure that we continue to drive brand growth and network development,” Cobee said.

The C3 is just the first model under the automaker’s “C Cubed” program, which will develop and produce three cars in India.Subsequent products may include Citroen’s compact SUV is expected to share its platform and powertrain with Jeep Counterpart. And, as we reported earlier, Citroen is also developing a Creta competitor Expand its influence in the mass market.

The company has confirmed that all three India-focused models will be launched in 2024.

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