Mahindra Thar AX six-seater not for sale

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According to multiple media reports, the 6-seat version of Thar has been re-launched because dealers have updated their price lists to the above-mentioned version.

Mahindra Thar AX six-seater: is it relaunched?

However, the company has clarified to us that since It was discontinued in November Last year, the car has not yet been relaunched.

The news of the re-launch of the six-seater is significant because the popular Thar version of this version has been discontinued to retain its 4 star global NCAP collision ratingIf Mahindra decides to re-launch the six-seater car, it may lose this valuable assessment.

Global NCAP has chosen the variant that will face the “biggest challenge in crash testing”. If it has already been launched, this will be the side-facing seat version. In December last year, Alejandro Furas, Secretary-General of Global NCAP, said in an interview with OurIndia that the re-introduction will invalidate the rating and Mahindra will be prohibited from using it in any form of communication. In addition, he elaborated that “in addition to canceling the rating, ideally we would buy a Thar with side-facing seats, and then test again and give a new rating.”

Mahindra Thar AX six-seater: will it be relaunched?

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Mahindra will abandon the coveted star rating and launch another version while still struggling to satisfy a large number of out-of-stock orders. Sources in our company said that they are busy processing many orders for existing cars and it is likely that they will not be able to add new models for at least a year.

Strangely, Mahindra did admit that it has updated the price of the 6-seater car according to the procedure, but the car is definitely not available for sale. Therefore, the return of Block 6 is not ruled out, but as far as the current situation is concerned, it is unlikely to happen soon.

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